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Playgrounds for your life

Playgrounds. Or as they used to say it back on the old frontier, playin' in the ground. Back in the old west, all you could do to pass the time was roll around in the dirt and hope tomorrow would come. For many people, tomorrow didn't come. It was a dark time.

Slang for your life

#069 Slang What's up my yolo? Don't forget to bae. When it's been a minute, you have to groovy righteous radical grub. Ok?

Trees for your life

#068 Trees Trees are really cool and if you don't believe us then listen to this and if you still don't believe us then go climb one and don't ever come back.

Dreams for your life

#067 Dreams Delve into the horror, weirdness, and frequent mundanity of dreams. Why do we think them? Why don't our brains go to sleep when our bodies do? Why aren't we in control? We don't know and we won't ever know. And there's nothing we can do about it.

Laugh Trax for your life

#066 Jam and Jason discuss laugh trax/tracks and the impact they have had on our fragile, crumbling world.

Mail for your life

 #065 Mail   Well I guess we're trying to figure out mail. The biggest, most tightly-held government secret of all time. Nbd ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ 

Emojis for your life

 #064 Emojis   The biggest new language on earth, not that there's much competition except for whatever thing they've got going on in Game of Thrones. There's some kind of fictional language in there right?

Nostalgia for your life (LIVE episode)

 #063 Nostalgia   A VERY special, potentially one-time, LIVE episode. Recorded live in a random Texas conference room with a real studio audience made up of actual human beings. We promise. Let's get nostalgic.

Instincts for your life

 #062 Instincts   Babies have instincts. Animals have instincts. Are they cool? Do we learn them or have them from the beginning? Well we don't know but we certainly ask those questions in circles for about 15 minutes and it's pure entertainment. 

Milk for your life

 #061 Milk   We're back! No one knows what milk is or where it comes from, but that's why we're here, to get to the bottom of this elusive, taboo topic.

Goodbyes for your life (with Emily)

 #060 Goodbyes   Goodbyes, badbyes, let's talk about it. Let's shed a few tears.   

Pets for your life

 #059 Pets   Ok listen, this is as political as we will EVER get on this podcast so deal with it. Also sorry we were gone it's not Jason's fault. 

Toys for your life

 #058 Toys This is one of the more fun topics we've explored on the podcast. Fun as in we remember how much fun toys were growing up and how much we wish we could go back in time and play with LEGOs again for hours. Jason is thinking about working with HR to institute "toy time" at work but he seems to be hitting mental roadblocks. Possible petition to follow. Stay tuned and listen to this episode in the meantime.

Pet Names for your life

#057 Pet Names   Hey Darlin', be a sweetheart and tell your baby that Honey and I are comin' to see Puddin'.

Calendars for your life

#056 Calendars  What are Calendars and why? How the heck did we arrive at such a system with so many imperfections? We don't know really and refused to do research, so here are some wild guesses.

Alarms for your life (with Brittany)

#055 Alarms How do you wake up? How have people woken up for centuries, millennia? Is it possible to be free from the technologic confines of our modern-day wake-up norms? Let's find out, with our special guest Brittany.

Crying for your life (with Tim)

#054 Crying Let's have a good cry. With Special Guest Tim Pyatt.

Relaxation for your life

#053 Relaxation As humans, it is beneficial to our continued survival to set aside time to "relax," or as some humans say now "netflix and chill." For centuries, humans have spent time relaxing so that they can recuperate and get back to killing animals and eating them. It's clearly an advantageous evolutionary adaptation. Or so we thought.

Accents for your life

#052 Accents G'day. What accent did you read that in?

Diets for your life

#051 Diets That's right. We're bringing back the Atkins diet. It's making a serious 2019 comeback.

Celebrations for your life

#050 Celebrations What is a celebration and why? How does one celebrate? Why is the word so close to the word celibate? 

Podcasts for your life

#049 Podcasts What's a pod, and how does one cast it?

Fonts for your life

#048 Fonts The things we think, put into words we say, translated into lines we write, formed into shapes we type. And that's much easier, simpler, and more enjoyable than this long rambling episode about fonts. Enjoy or endure!

Strangers for your life

#047 Strangers People we don't know. People who are strange? "Don't talk to strangers." "Don't take candy from them." "Don't look at them." "Don't think about them." Etcetera. Things we've all been told since we were children. But who are strangers really? 

Brothers for your life (part 3/3)

#046 Brothers (part 3) The third part of our first ever episode series. By the end, we'll hopefully find an answer to the horribly disgusting, intangible question: What are brothers? We're finishing the series featuring Jam's younger brother Judah! Thanks for being on the show Judah. This episode a more qualitative look at a brother relationship than you ever wanted and we are sorry. Clearly we aren't trying to make any money here.

Amusement Parks for your life

#045 Amusement Parks Let's be honest, as humans, we are incredibly bored. Over time our demands for entertainment, or amusement if you will, have gotten higher and higher. It takes a lot to get us above our constantly increasing threshold of boredom. Amusement parks are one of the ways we do that for some reason.

Pranks for your life

#044 Pranks The classic, harmless pastime. Coming from humble beginnings, the "Prank" really came into its own when it was embraced by our Founding Fathers. They pulled off the first ever large-scale prank: treason against Britain. It was a shock at the time but now we're certainly all laughing about it.

Exercise for your life

#043 Exercise Run faster, jump higher, eat more. Or whatever. Exercise. What makes it exercise and why do we do it. Jam and Jason certainly don't know but they more than willing to spend 15 minutes guessing.

Packaging for your life

#042 Packaging What package does life come in? As humans, we like to put things inside or around other things. Sometimes it strictly serves a function. Other times it seems to serve no function. Packaging has long been part of our daily lives, but it changes over time. You could argue that it's an incredibly boring topic, but boring is what we do here at Podcast For Your Life. So take a seat, it'll only take 15 minutes of your time.

Singing for your life

#041 Singing This week we're back to our regularly scheduled programming, and we're talking about singing. Don't worry, this isn't a musical episode. What makes singing singing? Why do we do it? How old is it? Am I any good at it? Would you could you in the rain?

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