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Endings for your life

You'll have to listen to find out.

Spam for your life

Spam. Yep, it's not just a pretty first name anymore. It's in a can, it's in our emails. Let's taste it and see what all the fuss is about.

Money for your life

Money, potentially the most complicated topic we've ever tried to tackle on PFYL. Have we bitten off more than we can chew? Hard to say. But I'll tell you it's definitely hard to chew on money. Especially coins.

Hats for your life

Hats, lids, cans, pots, wearables, tops: all names for the things we put on our heads.

Electricity for your life

The electricity puns may be endless, but our thoughts on electricity are not. You're welcome?

Doing the dishes for your life

Don't feel sorry us, but it may be worthwhile to be a little concerned. In our spare time, in our brief little weekly escape from this crumbling world, we talked about doing the dishes. Send help.

Delivery for your life

Walking for your life

Walking: it's the forever mode of transportation

Books for your life (with Melissa)

Books: The Crossover. This latest nugget bridges 2 podcasts from the same "for your life" universe. We're honored to have Melissa Collini, host of Chemistry For Your Life, join us this episode for a page-turning episode about books. The plot thickens and the twist is pretty twisty.

Fans for your life

Fans. What are they and why hasn't AC replaced them? Probably because they're more than a device that pushes air. So much more...

New Milks for your life

New Milk! Brand new milks. Now available. If you're having a little deja who, it's because we've talked about milk before. A while ago, we did a sort of overview of milk. This time, we're exclusively talking about the new milks. Lot's of folks don't like to call non-dairy milks milk. In this episode, we state a few reasons why those folks don't have any friends. Out with the old. In with the new. Shmilk, it's what's for brunch.

Flags for your life

Flags. What's going on there? This week we dive into this topic with no caution. It's not that controversial right? Where'd flags come from? Why do we still have them around? Why are some of them so terrible? Definitely can't answer that one. Maybe flags had a clear purpose at one point, but what is it now? God help us.

Gardens for your life (with Chauncey, part 2)

Part 2! We're continuing our talk about gardens with Chauncey Allmond, a friend of Jason's. What are gardens? What isn't a garden? Are there accidental gardens? This is a first for us, but our conversation with Chauncey went longer than expected, if you haven't heard part one, go back and listen to it first, not that it will actually make more sense.

Gardens for your life (with Chauncey, part 1)

We have a guest again! We're talking about gardens with Chauncey Allmond, a friend of Jason's. What are gardens? What isn't a garden? Are there accidental gardens? This is a first for us, but our conversation with Chauncey went longer than expected, enough for us to have two episodes worth. So why not? ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Surprises for your life

Surprise! This week Jam and Jason talk about surprises. Why do we like them? Are they always good? Why does everything have to be a surprise now? Surprise! You have a terminal illness.

Long-distance relationships for your life

Distance between people. Like what's up with that? Friends, family, significant others? We don't really know but we've certainly experienced it. Is it a good thing? Can it really sustain friendships? Is it more common now that we have many connecting technologies and we don't just write letters?

Underwear for your life

Well, no spoilers here in the notes. You'll have to listen to hear how we tip-toe through this landmine field of a topic. What's underwear? Why do we still wear it? Is it just an evolutionary loin cloth holdover? We're no anthropologists, but we are life-long underwearers (so far).

Waiting for your life

Waiting. Waiting for your life. Waiting for your life to happen? To be over? Waiting for your food? Waiting on your wife to finish getting ready so you can go visit your friend Stephanie? Waiting for the right time to throw away your husband's tie-dye turtleneck that you hate? What is it, why do we do it, do we do it well? Do we have to?

Parades for your life

So ya like, I guess parades are still a thing people do and they must have really good reasons for continuing to do them? What are parades? How'd they start? Why do we keep doing them? Will we ever be free?

Vacations for your life

Vacations. Why do we want to get away? Are we just stressing ourselves out in the first place? Go live somewhere else for a little bit and all your problems will be solved. Topic suggested by David in TX.

Journaling for your life

Journaling. Is it different than writing in a diary? Is it cool? Is it girly? Is it manly? Does it matter?

Shorts for your life

What's up with shorts? Where'd they come from? Are they the next evolution in legwear? Or do they represent the past? Also are we that lazy that the only word we could come up with was shorts?

Candles for your life

They used to light up our dark farmhouses and castles, and now we use them to decorate birthday cakes? Candles have fallen so far.

Silence for your life

This week Jam and Jason dig into silence, the very unsung hero. What is silence, is it golden? Do you love it, do you hate it? Is it rarer now than it used to be? Where is it? Can I hold it? Topic suggested by Lauren in Texas. She wanted us to just fill the entire episode with silence and not really speak at all. I think a lot of people wish we'd do that in real life too. So we didn't do that but we liked the topic in general. Sorry Lauren!

Handwriting for your life

This week Jam and Jason talk about handwriting, or "writing with your hand" as they say in Britain. Is handwriting going away? Is it responsible for the independence of the U.S.? What makes bad and good handwriting? Where does cursive play into all this? Why do we even have cursive? How did we get from hieroglyphs to letters? Come ask these questions with us.

Kissing for your life

This week we're talking about kissing, the most hyped-up, least logical act of affection. Does it need to be logical? Maybe not. But why do we want to put our mouths places? Why do we want to put our mouths on other mouths? Why is there a chocolate named after something that usually involves two mouths, when you pretty much can only use a maximum of one mouth to eat it?

Breakfast for your life

This week we're talking about breakfast, at the same time, we're breaking our fast from food related topics, we haven't done one in quite a while. Also Jam talks about this incredible omelet Jason made for him once. It was life changing.

Natural Disasters for your life

What's so natural about a disaster? In this episode Jam and Jason try to get to the bottom of these pesky disasters, and swap stories of the limited experiences they've each had with natural disasters.

Ellipses for your life

The three dots that surround us every day. In our books, quotes, movie posters, and the text messages we don't want to reply to. Where'd they come from? Were they always so evil or passive aggressive? How did they go from potentially functional literary device to being the thing that people use whenever they want? We don't know and even if we did I'm not sure we'd be legally allowed to tell you.

Society for your life

YOU KNOW WE'RE LIVING IN A SOCIETY! What's a society and why? Why do we group together into families, tribes, villages, towns, cities, states, countries? Is it just to guard each other from wild animals while we go to the bathroom?

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